The  Blue Whale SwimmerTM   is a low impact, low cost, swimmer for young and old. An exercise flow of foam to invigorate the whole family, standing, walking, doggie paddle, or butterfly a refreshing form of water exercise.

The Blue Whale Skimmers TM supply the bountiful and safe source of 200 gallons per minutes for the  enjoyment and exciting use of the Blue Whale Swimmer TM.

We have designed a low impact water resistant swirls of foamy jets to exercise those unused muscles. Good for us retired  active people, cello players, pool cleaners, marines, pets and of course all the people in your neighborhood. It works great and the price is right.

Blue Whale Swimmer TM kits are available for swimming pool builders.

We are retailing this package installed for $2200 on new pools as a preliminary offer.

The Blue Whale SwimmerTM Package Includes:

  • Two Blue Whale Skimmers (each with two 3" ports)
  • Basket
  • Circular Weir
  • And Test Plugs
Plus a complete Blue Whale SwimmerTM Jets Assembly with a 3" manifold and two 90 gallon per minute swim Jets by Waterway........ $720 plus freight.